793,229 plays Doomsday Doctor Who



ok so I was messing with Doomsday and I sped it up 200%

and it turned into a happy folksong????

i don’t


it’s so catchy

oh my god


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Rich, Glittering Plumes of Metallic Ink Under Water via Jeannie Huang



The Revival Series Doctors and their companions & enemies.

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February 6th -- Mewtwo's Birthday

Bane visits the Super Bowl.

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Problems with being a male
  • Having emotions is seen as weakness
  • Admitting weakness is seen as an even greater weakness
  • Being called a sexual deviant or a pervert because you were expressing your sexuality
  • A girl beating you in any physical competition makes you inferior
  • Being superficial makes you a pig but a woman being superficial is fine
  • Makeup isn't even an option
  • Not living up to the insanely unrealistic ideal of manhood automatically makes you gay
  • Being gay is seen as weak
  • You can't control the size of your "manhood"
  • You can't report sexual assaults because being a male victim is worse than being the rapist
  • No male specific support groups or movements
  • Unequal parental rights
  • Extreme feminists treating you less than human
  • Women can blame all men or say they are all the same but if a man blames women they're sexist pigs
  • People dismissing your problems automatically because the universe is obviously rigged in your favour in every scenario imaginable
  • No one will read this past the title

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